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Kerruish Cottages

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Kerruish Cottages

Many Cottages Already Booked
Many of our cottages are booked by guests who have been returning for many years but we still have several openings available. Give us a call if you are interested. 613-267-6396 or Email us at

Summer Regatta

The Rideau Ferry Yacht Club Regatta is held every 2 years and is held right in view of the cottages. It includes many inboard and outboard race boats of all classes. The event is held to keep the history of boating, boat building and boat races alive for future generations.

The village of Rideau Ferry now includes the following businesses

- The Ship Wreck Restaurant
- Tea room with delicious pastries
- Sewing and crafts shop
- 2 local marinas
- Local LCBO and General Store
- Village Chippery
- Bait & Tackle Store
- Public beach and boat launch

How Wonderful to Share Memories with My Children...

Dear Jim and Wendy,

“I have been enjoying coming to see you for as long as I can remember. I have many, many memories”.

“We always had a lot of fun at the cottage from the time I was a child. And how wonderful is it now to be able to share all the happy times with my children and my grandchildren”.

- Kathy Campbell


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